About us


We are frenk ('66) and Kim ('61) a married couple, and from 1998 a pair. We live with the dogs, chickens, goats, cats, fish and horse, in a very small village in the most southern province of Holland, Limburg, in the midst of a forest, where we have the use of 5ha land.




The love for animals was there to Kim all tagged in, with a grandfather who was veterinarian. At home where always dogs, the Great Dane and Bullterriers (the old polytelis lines) Therefore a house without dogs was no home for Kim. Frenk didn’t grew up with dogs, simply because there was no space for in a small house with a large family. When he went to live independently, from an early age, he had Bouviers des flandres for fun and dog sport.

Later, with his former partner, he had Great Dane’s and also brought them out  for shows.

The choice to start a kennel was not his idea, although he accepted the constantly growing pack in the house, (and particularly in the master bedroom) because he was already very comfortable with the working dogs, there temperament and will to please, the lap dogs became soon another weak point ….




Ultimately, we decided for our pack to move from another small  village, to this village ( more likely the end of the world as some friends tell us). The garden of the previous house was simply far too small, and the neighbors were too close to our nose. There were only several meters between us, and over here is the first neighbor 1250 meters away. That is a big difference, especially with a bunch of very vociferous shepherds!  And if we are honest: even wé don’t  want to have nuisance of the dogs or cats of my neighbors!




The name of our kennel, Del Cachorro Diablo, (which served as much as  ‘from  the demons puppy’ )  was devised as a set off of  all those beautiful, graceful, elegant and dainty names of other kennels. And there are still a lot of people who find the hairless dogs ugly creatures; demons. Until they’ve had one on their own  lap…. In short, the kennel name is already rebels, we are themselves not determined the family Typical, just as our lifestyle, ideas and principles. We are free to think, don’t for hole to absorb this, and we’re no herd people. But we are  open to criticism, are not too proud to  gif in errors  and we are sympathetic to learn from others who are for many years longer participating in the dog world of showing and responsible breeding.





We started with four varieties, the Chihuahua, the Chinese Crested, the Belgian shepherd and the Peruvian hairless . We no longer have  Chihuahua's............


And with the Belgium shepherds we do not breed on our own. Two of our bitches are in co-ownership, in which lines the breeder put so much time and energy  in the search for the best combinations, that it would be madness to intervene. Only the best males, which have the highest score, 100% healthy at all testing, will be deployed.

The agreement is for one litter normally, but  we compromised, also to remain in the name of this working dog kennel, to breed till the best results obtained. And then leave the bitches here as pet/watchdogs running around as they are already doing, 24/7 free in and around the house.




With the Chinese crested, we have already been breeding, but we plan to go on to more responsible litters, with a more careful choice of parents. However this is not possible over night. Before these results obtained some kind of cooperation with various breeders is necessary. At the moment, we have  not been able to find that within the world of the Chinese Crested breeders………………….So no breeding plans for the future.



                                                          The main house


Then the Peruvian hairless, our big love. Always delighted looked in books and on the streets. Rarely seen and felt but two (which appeared to be Mexican hairless) stole my heart instantly. But I never found a breeder with puppys for sale at the time

Until two years ago two pequeña bitches were available from Finland, the descent was unknown but at the time that was not important for us, they were the right variety, and the intention was as pet dogs and not to go along breeding. But because there are so few miniature Peruvian hairless, and these two bitches have the quality of a typical Peruvian we have decided, in cooperation with a Belgian breeder, to show one of the biches to be admitted for a Belgium R.I.S.H pedigree. And time will tell if she will contribute or not to the variety to improve the race.



                                                           Garage /stable


Than we had the chance to adopt Gaia, what made us more than happy!

A media bitch, to me much more thought-provoking than the small ones, although a Grande is still our dream, but we believe that we don't have enough space in the house, (not one dog is kept in cages/benches.)

We shall proceed with Gaia in consultation with the breeder in Finland, Paivi Votkin,  to search for the best Peruvian stud dog available. And we hope that will result spring 2010 in  a perfect combination of which we have for ourselves  2-3 of the best puppys to choose. And thus afine start line for our kennel.


                                  We also grow  flowers, fruits and vegetables

The male, Helios, we bought as a puppy  of a Peruvian breeder in Belgium, (Christiane van Dingenen )   is a fine small media to be. With a marvelous character. He is the biggest crook of the whole gang!

And than we have Feliz, a media bitch, bred by the the same kennel as our young male Helios. A devoted, loyal and brave dog. With her we have still no breeding plans.

In the meantime we  have become the proud owners of a splendid medium bitch, of the same breeder: Paivi Votkin, from Finland, which has apparently the fullest faith in our kennel and give us this way the chance to make a good start  with a super good bloodlines. Thank you, Paivi,  you are the first to give us this wonderfull chance, and that we will not shame, ever! 

If our male in the future will be deployed?  Everything depends on health, (all tests must be o.k.) show results and any interest of future owners of the puppy’s. In 2008 we did start to bring the dogs out on international dog shows.


Partly since we think it’s important that judges give their opinion about our dogs, and this whether or not will reward  with some (champion) titles. Partly because the variety is so small and unknown to the general public that we want the dogs (not only in terms of health) but also in view for the breed, typical recognized as such by them.



                    Our own winter wonderland!

Our predilection for the Peruvian hairless is therefore very clear and so we want this small variety as good as possible  preserve and protect for all the various defects and diseases.   And with the help of  a few experienced breeders we must succeed!


If you have any questions after  visiting our website , don’t hesitate to contact us, or put a message  on our guestbook .................


Frenk & Kim